Pimpin Ain't Dead by Ox Pimpin

Pimpin Aint Dead by Ox Pimpin

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About Pimpin Ain't Dead

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About Ox Pimpin

Ox was born and raised in north St. Louis. Currently he is residing in St. Louis North County where he has been recording music since the age of 15. A long history with women, police encounters, and a heavy party life is what initially got him known. But as time progressed so did his style & unmatchable swagger. After a decade of making music and stayin out if trouble his style has come of age and his network is bigger than ever. Between a very loyal fan base and a lot of music being made, Ox has made a name for himself and brought back a pimp flare to hip hop. From working with platinum producer, performing with platinum artist, and collaborating with top local talent, Ox has earned his stripes. With some of the most energetic performances, to singing high tone hooks, he is one of the top emcees in St. Louis. Impossible to replicate, Ox hopes his style, his peers, and STL hip hop is in the forefront of the game in the near future.

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